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August 22, 2010

The Influence of Felines

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So, I have turned into one those people.

Back story: We adopted a pair of kittens last summer who were abandoned along with their mother and two other siblings at a wildlife sanctuary. They’re basically gray tuxedos (classy mutts). The brother, dubbed Tom by my brother for Tom and Jerry, is a chicken to his core.  Through mad image Googling skills to do some breed research, we’ve decided that he has a Russian Blue face. Oh yes, that glower matches that line pretty darn well. His sister is itty, bitty and adventurous to boot. (Through the some Googling and the fact that her mother was distinctly a Tabby, we’ve upgraded her nickname from mouse!face to Tabby!face.) She’s earned her title of Indi (short for Indiana Jones). Why yes, our cat is named after a man who named himself after the dog.

Anyway. I gave in. I bought a leash and harness designed for a tiny dog off of Ebay. It seemed a good idea at the time. They’re restricted to brief roof visits though. We dare not take them outside into the world, especially since Indi has managed to back herself out of the harness on occasion.

By the way, it might be against the building’s rules to take pets on the roof. I’m going to pretend that this does not apply to cats. Surely they mean dogs. I mean, dogs might bark and be all noisy and could even use the roof as a bathroom. Cats? Not doing any of the above.

Tom proved fairly courageous and demanded to investigate the hose. Additionally, he would have liked to be allowed on the other side of the fence, but that was so not happening on my watch. Just to note, the building you see behind Tom actually houses Cambridge University Press (and a bunch of other things, like ATT and Z100), but CUP is where I temporarily work. Their summer internship program is amazing, btw, and definitely worth checking out. (And yes, I am a terrible person for living across the street. Best commute ever?)

Can we go home now?

Indi was much less thrilled about the trip. I think the fact that the first time I went up there with her there was a party going on (hello beer pong on my roof?) and many rowdy, loud young folks left a poor impression on her. She was pretty eager to get on board the elevator to head back down.

As of now, they are still sharing the same leash and harness set, but we are looking into invest in another harness. Um, we already have another leash that belongs to the bird harness that I insisted we get my cockatiel, Willy, as a child. SO MAYBE I WAS ALWAYS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. YIKES. Willy, btw, is named after my Great Aunt Lillian who passed away around the time we got him. My dad was less than thrilled with the name choice. Currently, he is a cranky, old bird (holy cow, he is around fifteen years old) with a penchant for biting and tending to the seashell that he is convinced is an egg.

It's a little known fact that my bird is a superhero.

Ta-dah. My pets. I love ’em so.


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