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September 2, 2010

The Ghosts of Queries Rejected

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My first day at my internship was yesterday. After managing to successfully arrive several minutes early, I was kindly directed to the slush pile until the agent arrived to provide with further instructions. Oh, the slush pile. Compared to data-mining, it is so refreshing and wonderful. On the other hand, I facepalm at some of the mistakes authors make. (Now the constant blog posts by agents begging writers to PLEASE FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS and, y’know, make sure that the agent actually covers the type of work, are pretty understandable, if this is what they have to trudge through on a daily basis.)

Man, I should really make up my mind if I’m revealing names and the agency. Wariness goes here. Um. Until I ask permission, I’ll stick to this mysterious business.

I was given a nifty packet of information, instructions, and samples, which will be my Ten Commandments until further notice. Questions were encouraged and answered quite well! And I was privy to listening to conversations of much excellence and humor. (Not that I contributed myself. Being a shy thing. At times. I will settle eventually.)

Anyway, I spent last night haunted by a couple of the queries that I passed on. (WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.) I find myself questioning my decisions, but…they were made relatively early on. When I was fresh! And reading at my best. I think it’s just that the more I read, the quality of the ones that followed made the earlier pair seem that much better? For one, I adored the idea, but I couldn’t get into the voice. It didn’t seem to grasp the character’s situation. The other didn’t exactly fall into the works covered by the agency, but the prose was pretty good, and I was kind of intrigued.

Maybe it’s the guilt about turning away writers who went through so much effort to write their books and pursue their dreams coming to weigh upon my consciousness. …Although, now that I am reading manuscripts, I am beginning to feel reaffirmed in my decisions.

I suppose this will become easier with time.

In other news, Tom attempted to gouge out my left eye. He mainly got a chunk of eyelid, but, um, it hurts to blink. This is definitely the best condition to be in when I have four manuscripts to read.


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