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September 18, 2010

Wavering Bridge

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This business of a juggling a job and an internship has had the bad habit of leaving me worn out and wincing at the prospect of looking at a computer screen. (I have learned the hard way that I get killer headaches if I stare at computers for too long. Twenty hours straight for my job. Some hours at the internship. Plus a ton more hours when I read manuscripts and partials for the internship during my spare time.)

Luckily, my job ends next week. I probably shouldn’t be greeting the prospect of unemployment with giddy relief, but while the paycheck is nice…I can’t imagine spending much more time data-mining. I have been putting some thought into what I will do in my upcoming spare time. Read. Draw. Write. Possibly look into another part-time job, preferably education-related. My old grade school has an afterschool program that I have been eyeing. Working with kids without being expected to go anywhere near a computer? Ho’baby, count me in. At a place full of nostaglic memories? A school that I know that I love and still has teachers that I adored?

I am a little worried that they’ll reject me. (THE HORROR.) But I suppose it’s worth a try. Heck, I even have prior experience working in their program, though it wasn’t official or anything. My father did not want me attending afterschool, which would’ve be fine, y’know, if he wasn’t miserably late every time he to pick me up. I spent afternoons hiding in the hallway. Eventually folks caught on, and I was offered a position as an art assistant for the art program. This allowed me to attend afterschool without paying, and had the bonus factor of meaning I got to help teach. It was what first clued me into how I really enjoyed working with kids. (This is me wavering between career paths. Books? Kids? Maybe I should look into wild life rehab. OR WHO KNOWS.)

But yeah, I am tired. Beset with headaches. And will work on updating on a better schedule once I am merrily unemployed.


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