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September 29, 2010

Black Tie Beach Adventure

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At long last, I was finally able to participate in an Improv Everywhere mission! It is like accomplishing a dream. (I did do No Pants Subway Ride, but technically…I was a member of another group, Pro Pants.)Shells lined up in spirals at the beach

Check out the proper mission goodies, like the video and the reports here: http://improveverywhere.com/2010/08/31/black-tie-beach/

I managed to misread the directions, which meant that I thought the train ride should take thirty minutes. (Reality = more like an hour.) I knew all hope was not lost once a fellow in a tuxedo boarded. We arrived around fifteen minutes late, but we managed not to miss a thing. Instructions were given. Cheers were shouted. Strangers gaped. The ice cream trunk interrupted the spiel once.

And then we were off! Scattering along the beach, an elegantly dressed horde bubbling with excitement and prepared for the good times ahead.

Anyway, attired in my fancy dress (score one for Ebay), I set to work finding something to do during my beach trip. A mollusk shell cut the bottom of my left foot.  (It burned with the rage of sea water and sand.) So I set about taming the elements to my will!

I also learned that my parents hadn’t lied. If you feed the seagulls…they will poop on you. And it so isn’t lucky like pigeon. (Seagulls never fail to impress me with their intelligence though, so I forgive ’em. Way back when I was a small lass, a seagull unzipped my father’s duffel bag and grabbed the doughnut he had stored inside of a paper bag. Dad was thoroughly pissed and held it against all seagulls. I was awed.)

Right, so, black tie and shells. People were pleased with my bizarre art project, which in turn transformed me into a smiling dope. (Aha, see, mollusk, you might have injured me, but the lasting delight of happy beachgoers defeats you!) A sweet Asian couple insisted on taking pictures of the shells, and the woman even borrowed my camera to take of picture of me with the shells.

Oh, while the spirals began randomly, it quickly spiraled (no pun intended) into an artistic display for a friend, Ariel, and the traumatizing manga she once shared with me, Uzumaki by Junji Ito. Basically, spirals are nightmare fuel. Clowns, vampires, and monsters have nothing on spirals. Yeerks still trump spirals for fear factor though. (Seriously, one of the most terrifying things I have ever read. If you like horror and finding the terrifying images scarred into your mind for all time, then you should check it out!)

Another angle of the shells from above.

Crab claw

Close up of mollusks.

Portrait of me with the shells.


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